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Power Hitting
Instructor Julian Wood

Duration 2 Hours

Language English

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Power Hitting

In this modern era of T20s and explosive batting, it is crucial for every batter to have the armory and skills of power hitting.

In this very interactive and hands-on course, power hitting Specialist Julian Wood will help you improve your power hitting skills and take your batting to the next level!

Having worked with numerous cricketers including international stars like Carlos Brathwaite and Joe Root, Julian Wood knows exactly what it takes to be a successful power hitter at the highest level.

Power Hitting is being able to maximize every single ball that you face. This becomes an integral part of every batter's game especially in the dynamic T20 format.

You will learn techniques to improve your power hitting and learn how to be a consistent power hitter. You will also get personalized drills to improve your hitting technique.

You will learn about the main attributes of power hitting and why the successful power hitters are able to do what they do, through various case studies. Sign up for this interactive course and take your batting to the next level!


1 on 1 Coaching

(optional at additional special pricing)

It does get better. You get a chance to have a 1-1 session with Julian. You come prepared with your questions, area of focus and Julian will help you find your answer. This will help you smash the ball further and take your T20 batting to the next level!! If you're interested in having a 1-1 session with Julian Wood, please reach out to us on for further details.